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Importance Of Maps

From always the human being has had the need to know the place where he lives, the zone in which he moves by that. That is why he had the need to represent in writing, through drawings, the space he knows. In principle, maps are representations at the scale of a territory. Currently, there are several types: political, physical, political, etc. The evolution of the maps has been very spectacular since, in the beginning, there were no satellites like and now or another series of technological aids that served to make the maps.

Most of the time the people responsible for making the maps helped each other between their sight, their ability to represent the environment, as well as mathematical notions of astronomy, etc., that could exist at that moment. Maps have been important throughout history because they represent not only land but also rivers, forests, mountainous areas, etc., which provides vital information when it comes to knowing not only a country but also very specific areas of it.

All the information provided by the maps are essential for many of the actions that a country performs within its own territory, as well as for the knowledge of the armies, expeditionary, or any type of person that needs it for a particular, playful interest (mountaineering, hiking, etc.). Without the ability of people and their knowledge to make maps, it would be impossible to know our environment and the reality of our territory.

Nowadays everything is much simpler since there are satellites that offer the possibility of taking, in real time, an infinity of photographs of the planet earth, offering up-to-date and accurate images of how our planet is in all its aspects. In this way it is much easier not only to make political, physical maps, etc. but also to know other places where information was currently impossible, such as seas, oceans, etc. of which it is possible to make maps of its depths.

Nowadays, all the means of transport, etc., need for their logistics the exact knowledge of all the places that there are in the planet earth to be able to carry out their movements through the land, the sea, etc. Today it is impossible to understand the reality of where we live, our environment, without all the information that maps bring to people. The first maps make us more aware of everything that surrounds us and brings a great knowledge of it.

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